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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Project "F.A.T.H.E.R."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We are one, for if you bleed I bleed

To all the PEOPLES of OUR grate Planet EARTH,
Thank you for taking the time to read the rambling’s of a simple being on Earth.
We are a people not a PARTY
Saving lives in everyday life
It has always been the hopes of this writer to make a difference in our world in any and every way I can! Thank you all for helping that happen. Each time one visits any of these sites it gives me the strength to keep going. It is easy to fool oneself that they are not of importance to our world, so please except my gratitude!
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

When asked about Starbucks,

Not me!
Loosely whipped cream with my favorite flavor, with melitta dripped coffee in just right so that the whole coffee is foamy. It's called a Woppee. All herbal teas, Soup smoothies as well as fruit smoothies for those that don’t drink coffee or tea. Soft breadstick made into mini-subs, like meatball, stake, and vegan. Finally, homemade confection of all sizes so any can have their treat.
Concept been, “Why have Coffee in the morning, when you can have Woppee” The shirt would sell themselves and so would the Woppee's Coffee. The sign is to be orange neon saying "COFFEE'S COFFEE SHOP" but over the first "COFFEE" word in the sign the letter "C” will have a purple neon "W" over it and the "FF" will have half cercal added to their front so they look like "PP". This way it looks like someone Graffiti the sign.

Monday, May 24, 2010


D.U.I..D.ID. is the answer to stop repeat offenders of driving under the influence. It is design to:

1. Prevent one from buying or consuming more then the legal limit of alcohol.
2. Create a support network (based off the ATM system) for bar, store and law enforcement to track one’s perches and consumption.
3. Decrease the pressures of liability and customer satisfaction for employees of said establishments.
4. Keep law enforcement informed at all times of ones abuses.
5. Bring down insurance cost for, divers, drinking establishments, and medical insurance.

How can this come about with just an Enhanced Driver License ID called a D.U.I. DETERRENT ID? Let us play out a typical night with one that like s to drink in excess:

The said person hits the bar down the street to tie one on at about 6:15 pm after work. Do to the fact that one must present their ID before a drink can be served, the person is required to show their ID and the bartender (noting that it is a D.U.I. Deterrent ID), tell the person that they need to swipe the ID through the information system (that is based on the ATM system). Upon swiping the card the bartender notes on their screen that the person had purchased a 16 oz beer a half hour before coming to the bar and that in accordance with the D.U.I. Deterrent ID (D.U.I.D.ID) laws, they cannot serve the person at this time for if they do, the person will be over the legal limit.

Via the ATM network, the bar was able to accesses a database that contains all the offender’s pertinent information and an itemized list of all drug and alcohol purchases so that the said offender is being tract and monitored. Therefore, when the person had purchased the 16 oz beer at the store, a D.U.I.D.ID was presented and scanned. The D.U.I. Deterrent Network System (D.U.I.D.N.S.) registered the purchase and an internal clock of consumption stared at that point. The clock is based on the weight and height of the person and what the average rate of consumption should be for that said person, in order to not become legally drunk. Or let us say that this person is vary belligerent when they drink whiskey, the information system would prohibit the purchase of the whiskey. If the person goes to a drug store to buy cough syrup with alcohol, it will be noted or declined if need be. The same goes for any store, restaurant, bar, gas station, and so on.

With the D.U.I.D.ID card controlling the situation and not the storekeeper, bartender, or waitress, over serving will not be as prevalent. Insurance cost for liquor being sold to the public will be no longer at risk of been increased or even potently doped because of liability do to customer pier-pressure to over serve. Then there is the fact of the liquor license board suspending or revoking one’s license to sell or serve, not been an issue anymore. Win, win for all.

While the D.U.I. Deterrent Network System (D.U.I.D.N.S.) is in place, law enforcement can trace all said purchases the repeat offender. Furthermore, law enforcement will be instantly notified if the repeat offender has been turned down three times in a given day. The repeat offender will then be located and picked up for violation of the said person probation. The D.U.I.D.N.S. will also make it easier for law enforcement to investigate any wrong doings by a repeat offender, like who supplied the alcohol or drugs.

With less drunken diver repeat offenders, and more strict monitoring systems in place for owner/operator and offender alike, insurance cost and liability cases should go on the decline. Emergence medical insurance cost should also see a slight decline in cost.

In-closing, I would like to state that I have gone over this “Idea” of a D.U.I. Deterrent ID and the D.U.I. Deterrent Network System with different law enforcement agencies across the US and most recently the Spokane Valley PD, in the City of the Spokane Valley. All were in agreement that a the D.U.I. Deterrent ID and it’s D.U.I. Deterrent Network System would be beneficial to the community they served and would help them do a more efficient job when dealing with repeat offender of driving under the influence.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Motorcycles, Death by JOY, must be STOPPED

The wait is over, for far to long folks have died do to being blindsided by a motor vehicle. DAVISON INVENTIONS was sent this idea 2 1/2 yrs ago (I told them BMW motors would love it and they sat on it), so I am presenting this life saving product to you now!
It would be ideal if the computer screens were embedded in the windshield itself. I know the technology is available to do such a thing!

1) No more dose one have to worry about being blindsided at the next corner. “Which is the number one cause of death in the US for motorist!”
2) No more readjusting your mirrors every time you hit a bump, jeopardizing your ability to control the motorbike.
I hope this HELP SAVE LIVES!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Youth Housing is just as important as Elderly Housing

With more and more parents due to financial difficulty or just throwing in the towel when it comes to razing their Teens/Young Adults, to many Youth are ending up on the streets, falling in to the wrong crowd, doing jail time, or even dead.
The fact that there is not adequate housing for these Teens/Young Adults is becoming an over whelming burden in communities all over the US. With their “AGE” being the major factor of why they cannot find housing. I would think it is bad enough, that someone under the age of 18 cannot handle a knife while working in a restaurant (Due to cutting off a finger), yet in the same breath, say that they can work with HOT OIL (3rd degree burns, face and hands). It is a joke what the youth of our country have to put up with. Can’t get a car without a job, can’t get a job without a car. “You must have references and job experience,” How can you acquire these things, if no one gives it to you?
Furthermore, some of these youth have children of their own, and now they need affordable housing and daycare. Others need to finish their HS diploma, GED or are in college classes.
So I feel it is time for change, we must accommodate our youth with affordable “Youth Housing” just as the elderly have. Young and old need help for the same reasons. Fewer resources are available to them! Moreover, just as “Elderly Communities” are comprised with an age limits, so should “Youth Housing.” On average an elderly community is 65 yrs of age and up, so should the youth housing, with 24 yrs old or younger. I came to this cut off age because, no one really takes one seriously until about 25 yrs old. This change must come soon, for they won’t survive without the support of their community! It was once said that “It takes a village to raise a child,” while, we are that village, and they need us “Now” not later!
In considering the design for “Youth Housing,” it would be a plus if we also accommodated some of their needs as teen/young adult. What are some of their needs is the question, and how can we accommodate them?
Let us review this;
A support person (Manager and Assessment Manager; must have social worker or psychology schooling background w/no priors, and age is not an issue for the younger and more successful you are the more the young will listen))
Childcare is needed, so they can obtain a job, start (college) or finish school (HS Diploma or GED).
Help with their education or job search/or online job via the computer-lab/library (Tenants will be issued an ID swipe card for going in the computer-lab/library, and online (to help eliminate Internet abuse).
Everyone needs to do laundry and young families need it the most (one full-sized laundry and two mini-washroom/laundry-room to cut down traffic in any one room).
Time off well spent, playground, gardening zone, study hall/(computer lab) and recreation room.
As for staying fit, it would be a plus (with obesity and diabetes at an all time high in the US) to include a weight room, as well as to bring up self-esteem.

Looking at demographics of the structures design:
Envisioning, an oval shaped structure, with a gated courtyard in the inner axis, where units are to be assessable.
On the main floor, you will find;
Main Managers office
Two daycare's; situated across from each other, to be located at narrow ends of the oval structure (one for 0 to 2 yrs old, the other is for 3 to 5 yr old).
As well as three playgrounds [In the courtyard one located in the center (basketball court and handball wall court) and one on each end (One geared to girls and one geared more for boys) to be separated by mini fruit trees and park/razed food garden],
Note: It is to be no more then three stories, including main floor.
The upper two floors;
Will have one mini-washroom/laundry-room
The rest to be rental units
With the exception of one unit on the top floor for the Assistant Manager (to be located on the opposite side of the ovals in relation to the Managers Office).

In closing, I would like to reiterate the need for “Youth Hosing,” in our communities as much as we need “Elderly Housing.”
I hope this helps, guys and gal of the younger persuasion! Lord knows things are tough all over.

Squirrels and Nuts

Squirrels & Nuts
What is “Squirrels and Nuts” you say, well I’ll tell you!
It is the answer to every womens outrage over “HOOTERS”.
Plus, “Squirrels and Nuts” has the potential to out profit “HOOTERS”

Now you ask, how can I clam these things, well you see;
1). Women have bean feed up with “HOOTERS” for a long time and a Male version of “HOOTERS” would suit them just fine.
2). The Male Waiters would be hire based on their lower (wink wink) and upper body strength and good looks just like the women that work for “HOOTERS”.
3). The men would wear black shorts, red suspenders, and red bow tie w/white under-liner, with black shoes and red socks.
4). Squirrels & Nuts caters to single and married women and gay men, where “HOOTERS” caters to on average married men.
5). On average, single & married women as well as gay men have more money to speed then a married man.
Just picture it, “On the sign is a skinny squirrel with his toes pointing out a little in the shadow of the sun, wearing the same outfit as the men, with his arms crossed and it looks like he has a walnut in each cheek. Now, imagine that you draw a pencil outline of the squirrel and then turn it upside-down, what do you see! LOL